"Every child deserves a Black teacher"

Celebrate Black Teacher Learning with BTP

If you’ve been to any programming with the Black Teacher Project, you know that we like to take a moment to reflect together. We do the same process internally, and one of the results from our first full year of programming is our annual report for 2016 to 2017. Today, we are thrilled to share the report with you as well as announce our invitation to SXSWEdu in March 2018! BTP will be presenting “Black Teachers Supporting One Another” in Austin and we hope to connect with Black teachers from across the country there. Thank you to everyone who voted for us!

BTP’s annual report includes the voices of Black teachers, their experiences in our programs and in their classrooms, and the lessons that we have learned over the course of the school year. The feedback that our participants have given creates new questions around the dynamics of recruiting, retention, and development. As a result, we are looking to further the conversation around Black teacher retention and what it means to create a school environment that supports Black teacher leadership.

We know that Black teachers are eager to lead from the classroom—for their students, themselves, and their communities—but they need the skills and support to do so effectively in environments that do not always hear and respect what they have to say. Based on the results of our programming, we suggest that two of the many paths to support Black teachers over a lifetime include 1) affinity-based learning in an environment centered on Black excellence and 2) creating sustainable environments for communities of Black teachers. Our hope is that this dual approach will allow Black teachers to develop tools to support their teaching practice and navigate the systems at their school sites, thereby keeping Black teachers at the front of the classroom.

Our annual report is here.

Click here  for the press release.

Thank you to everyone who has attended our events, participated in our evaluations, and done the work with each other. You made our first year a huge success. Thank you to our funders, partner school districts, volunteers, caterers, administrators, and everyone who held space for BTP to be.


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