"Every child deserves a Black teacher"

What Is It Going to Take to Set You Free?

The Black Teacher Project is running a social media listening campaign featuring the voices of Black teachers. We have a writing prompt for you: What is it going to take to set you free as a Black teacher and a human being? What conditions need to be met to set you free? 

We want to present a Black-centered response to the many questions that result from looking at equity in our current education system. So often the focus is on restoring individual people—and we believe restoration has to happen both to individuals and systems for authentic, lasting change.

To join the campaign, email kara@blackteacherproject.org by March 13 with:

  • 3 to 5 sentences for your answer
  • your name
  • the city you teach in
  •  and a photo.

Thank you for your help! We love lifting up the teachers in our network.

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