Our Team


Micia Mosely,

Founder & Director

Micia Mosely, Ph.D., has dedicated her career to helping students reach their full creative and academic potential. A teacher, analyst and product of public education, she designs custom reform strategies that help educators and administrators increase equity while maximizing school performance. Mosely brings a wealth of classroom experience to her work, infusing bold strategies with real-world approaches that understand the burdens faced by educators and administrators.

She is an expert on leadership, cultural competence, data-based inquiry and school design. Mosely began her career as the Social Studies department head at Thurgood Marshall Academic High School in San Francisco, CA and received her Ph.D. in Education, with an emphasis on Social and Cultural Studies from the University of California at Berkeley.


Matthew Florence,

Development Director

Matthew, a Southern native, has been working in the nonprofit industry since the 90's and brings a wealth of experience. He's worked in the areas of HIV/AIDS, LGBT community, Black and Latino community and health, and technology for nonprofits as a program director, executive director, and consultant.

Matthew credits Mrs. Horton, his seventh grade and first Black Teacher, with pushing him to excel in school. She also helped him to believe that math was something he could do and enjoy. Matthew pursued this love through high school where he was so excited he finished his entire geometry book in six weeks. However, his freshman calculus class at Harvard kicked his butt and sent him running toward literature, his other passion. Today, Matthew's love of the human story keeps him writing both professionally and for pleasure.

coron brinson

Coron Brinson,

Black Teacher Organizer

Coron Brinson was born and raised in Georgia. He was brought up by a family that always promoted the importance of education, particularly his grandfather, who was stripped of his ability to continue school. Coron has worked in education for over 10 years, starting as an elementary and middle school teacher in Chicago in 2005. His current role is a 7th grade ELA teacher at EPIC Middle School. Coron gained experience organizing while working for S.E.I.U., where he led the “Fight for 15” campaign to advocate for livable wages for retail and fast food workers. He has also served as a Parent Organizer in Oakland and supported homeless communities as a Youth Advocate in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Coron's work with the Black Teacher Project started in 2016 as a member and Advisory Board Member and he is excited to be in his new role as Teacher Organizer. Coron received his B.A. in History from the University of Georgia, M.Ed in Elementary Education from Lincoln University, and M.P.A. in Nonprofit Management from the University of Southern California.


Olivia Yarbough,

Project Manager

Olivia has a background working in theater, as a softball coach, leading women empowerment groups, and assisting youth in reaching their mental health goals. She has supported educational programming for both alternative high schools and college access initiatives. Olivia is driven in her work by the vision of an equitable education system that promotes a just society.

In her free time she loves hiking, going to the beach, and listening to new music. Olivia graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a bachelor's of science degree in Psychology.