"Every child deserves a Black teacher"

Why Black Teachers Matter

By Micia Mosely, PhD and Matthew Florence An article recently posted on New York School Talk, “A Parent’s Perspective on the Benefits of Teachers of Color,” posed the challenging question of how to make our schools more effective at educating our young people. After dismissing several solutions like Finnish-style education and Computer Science as magic bullets, the article turned to efforts at diversifying the teacher population. The question essentially turned to whether should school districts be hiring more Black teachers for the sake of diversity or hiring more capable teachers. As part of an organization that advocates for Black teachers, the framing of this question got our dander up. More than anything, as we continued to read the article, we came to the same conclusion we've held sinc...

Black Teacher Project 2017 – 2018 Fellows Program

Are you a Black teacher in the Bay Area who is four to eight years into your career? The Black Teacher Project (BTP) invites you to apply for the inaugural round of fellows for the 2017 - 2018 school year. This three-year program is an opportunity for structured support to build your leadership capacity and improve your student outcomes. Our teacher-leader fellows will engage in ongoing classroom-based inquiry that aligns activities in the fellows program with your professional advancement (clearing your credential, national board certification requirements, etc.). BTP fellows will also earn stipends. Fellows will have access to a comprehensive menu of services and support including instructional coaching, professional development, mentorship, and leadership development conferences that position teachers to attain their educational goals as leaders in their field. As an inaugural fellow, the fellowship will be tailored ...

What Is It Going to Take to Set You Free?

The Black Teacher Project is running a social media listening campaign featuring the voices of Black teachers. We have a writing prompt for you: What is it going to take to set you free as a Black teacher and a human being? What conditions need to be met to set you free?  We want to present a Black-centered response to the many questions that result from looking at equity in our current education system. So often the focus is on restoring individual people—and we believe restoration has to happen both to individuals and systems for authentic, lasting change. To join the campaign, email kara@blackteacherproject.org by March 13 with:

  • 3 to 5 sentences for your answer
  • your name
  • the city you teach in
  •  and a photo.
Thank you for your help! We love lifting up the teachers in our network.

Color of Fear

  One of the many highlights from our Elder Wisdom: Teaching through Turbulent Times evening was Michelle McAfee, a teacher with a 22-year career. She kicked off the night's program with her poem, "Color of Fear." We are grateful to Michelle for allowing use of her poem here.

Color of Fear

by Michelle McAfee   I am the color of fear. I dream of a space in this place, called life Where our faces do not displace us. Consider me yearning   I am the color they fear. I remember the double takes, shock and surprise Upon seeing my face, after only hearing my voice Through a telephone wire. I question… Am I really what they desire? Consider me cynical   I am the color that invites them To reach their quota, To demonstrate multiculturalism, To boast inclusi...

Black Teachers, We Need Your Input!

Support the Black Teacher Project by filling out two surveys—and get entered in a raffle to receive one of eight great prizes by Friday, February 10!


The Black Teacher Project recruits, develops and sustains Black teachers for schools in the United States. Our goal is to create an effective teaching force that reflects the diversity of Black people in this country. BTP is in the process of developing a Strategic Plan to inform and guide our future work. The following surveys were designed to help BTP answer the following questions:

What makes a Black Master Teacher?

What is the work environment for Black teachers?

Three winners will receive a grand prize gift:...


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