Black Teacher Project


Group of educators gathered for the black teacher leadership & sustainability institute in oakland, ca.

Black Teacher Leadership & Sustainability Institute

Thursday–Saturday, June 6–8 | Waterfront Hotel, Oakland, CA
As participants in our Black Teacher Leadership and Sustainability Institute (BTLSI), Black teachers and educators will deepen commitment and agency in their work while developing strategies for leadership and sustainability. Attendees will receive caring guidance and facilitation to collaboratively explore the personal and professional challenges they face as Black school-based educators. Through this experience, participants will have an opportunity to share, reflect, and set intentions for how to lead and thrive as Black educators in their different contexts. This Black affinity professional development offering provides a space to build community with and learn from Black teachers and educators from across the country.
Participants will learn, examine and discover:
  • Frameworks and protocols that foster equity-centered teaching, learning, and leadership

  • The implicit and explicit work of Black teachers in the United States

  • How to navigate individual and organizational dynamics that impede the development and sustainability of Black teachers

  • Deepened understanding of socio-political contexts and how racial oppression affects education policies and practice. We believe working toward liberation means understanding how oppression plays out!

  • The importance of emotional intelligence and wellness for Black teachers in schools

  • Concrete skills for health, wellness, and leadership in challenging contexts

  • Research, strategies, and tools to support the leadership and sustainability of Black teachers in an oppressive system

Who should attend?
Black teachers and educators working in district, charter, private and independent TK-12 schools who are able to attend the full course.