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Black Teacher Project is dedicated to providing culturally relevant and affirming professional development in Black racial affinity that supports the professional, financial, physical, and mental thriving of Black teachers so that they can lead for change that will result in more equitable and liberating systems and experiences for themselves and the students and families they serve. We approach this work through four pillar focus areas that emerged directly out of engagements with and feedback from BTP participants.


In this 18-month intensive cohort experience, teams focus on examining, innovating and imbuing new models that foster wellness, liberated learning, and increased opportunity for marginalized students. Fellows receive coaching to support the planning and implementation of a co-created action learning plan.
In this 3-day in-person or 4-session virtual course, Black teachers and educators deepen commitment and agency in their work while developing strategies for leadership and sustainability. Participants receive caring guidance and facilitation to collaboratively explore the personal and professional challenges they face as Black school-based educators. This program structure can be customized for district professional development needs.
A 6-session virtual course for teams of 2-4 Black teachers. Black teachers engage in a Liberatory Design approach to co-design healing-centered engagements specific to students’ needs and contexts. This offering provides a community of practice where Black classroom teachers are guided through a Liberatory Design Cycle, Bridge to Thriving Framework, and other trauma-informed approaches to center student voices and experiences in identifying and addressing an equity challenge in their classrooms. This program structure can be customized for district professional development needs.
In this 4-session course, Black teachers are guided to explore and implement research-based strategies that put the experiences, history, culture, and voices of their students at the center of their instructional practices. Participants have the opportunity to design, test, and refine a culturally responsive teaching prototype that affirms, empowers, and propels their students’ learning. This program structure can be customized for district professional development needs.
In response to the pandemic, BTP hosted monthly “drop-in” virtual wellness sessions led by a team of Black teachers. As Black teachers’ needs and contexts evolved, BTP gathered feedback that led to piloting a Black Teacher Wellness Retreat. This 2-day event provides extensive time for impactful community building and trying on mindsets and wellness practices that cultivate and enrich thriving as Black educators. Wellness sessions & convenings can be customized for district engagements.
Our goal for this platform is to increase Black teachers’ capacity to network and share information with each other. Our vision is to co-create a space of joyful and meaningful community for Black teachers across the country. Whether you’re a long-time BTP program participant, or this is your first interaction with BTP, we encourage you to lean into this tool and community to support the thriving of you and your fellow Black teachers! This is a curated space by and for current, TK-12 Black teachers. Discussion areas and resources include: Community Connections; Events & Opportunities; Hiring & Job Openings; Pedagogy & Curriculum. Please invite Black teachers in your network to join by sharing this application link:
BTP’s speaker room is an opportunity for Black teachers to share their stories. In this time of rapid change and important movement building, it is imperative that we pause to reflect, share, and honor our voices as educators. Our stories hold the answer to our path forward; our stories are keys to our future. Our sense of belonging is built within our stories. Our resistance to everyday routine is strengthened through the bond of our collective voice. Our movement is fortified by the collective, and our history is enriched when we share.


Since the outset of COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a precipitous drop in overall teacher retention and Black teachers in particular are rapidly and disproportionately leaving the profession. This data is especially alarming due to the plethora of research that illustrates the positive impact Black teachers have on all students’ success. Given this context, we’re offering an opportunity for administrators and hiring managers to explore key questions that affect Black teacher recruitment and retention. What actions are you taking to encourage Black teachers to want to work and stay in your school or district? How might you create conditions that both invite Black teachers into your school community and allow them to thrive and serve students to the best of their ability?

This three hour workshop is designed to support school leaders in learning best practices to recruit, hire, and retain Black teachers. In this experiential session, attendees will be guided to gain a deeper understanding of the historical and current context of Black teachers’ work and their impact on the thriving of all students. Participants will assess their current efforts and learn to use an equity lens to implement more effective recruiting, hiring, and sustaining practices. This is an interactive session where you will engage in thought partnership and receive feedback from other participants in multiple breakout rooms. Please note that this is not a racial affinity event; it is OPEN TO ALL racial identities.

While work with individual teachers is critical, an important lever of change is helping transform systems to make schools workplaces where Black teachers can thrive. We acknowledge that recruitment efforts to attract Black teachers have increased, but we posit that addressing the work environment will make those efforts more impactful.

With our developing consultancy in this area, we are striving toward Institutional Transformation. For us, Institutional Transformation means that schools and school systems prioritize health and wellness for students and staff, actively interrupt institutional racism and oppression, normalize affinity spaces, value and promote inclusivity, deliver professional development that is culturally responsive to the needs of Black teachers, and affirm Black culture and experiences in work environments.

In order to support school leaders in fostering these types of conditions, we interview and/or hold a focus group with Black teachers (& other Black staff if needed) to gain insight about their experiences in the district or specific school. Subsequently, we conduct an asset and needs assessment, which includes provision of a report that summarizes our findings and recommendations.

Please email for inquires about booking Dr. Micia Mosely as a guest speaker. Speaker fees range from $5,000-$10,000 depending on factors such as schedule, location of event, travel accommodations, audience group size, length of presentation, inquiry party’s budget, etc.  


  • In-person professional development cost varies depending on the number of sessions, planning time required for customization, and travel time for facilitators. Large groups (over 60) may require additional facilitators. In-person service fees do not include travel expenses, which are billed based on actual expenses.
    • Below are two cost samples for in-person engagements:
      • 1 half-day (3-4 hours) session with 2 facilitators | $7,000 – $11,000
      • 2 full-day sessions (6-8 hours) on consecutive days with 2 facilitators | $24,000 – $30,000
  • Virtual professional development cost is dependent on the length, number of sessions to be delivered, and planning time required for customizations needs.
    • Below are two cost samples for virtual engagements:
      • 1 three-hour session with 2 facilitators | $5,000 – $6,750
      • 2 full-day (6 hour) sessions with two facilitators | $20,000 – $25,000 
  • Finalized cost, staffing, and schedule for both in-person and virtual customized services are dependent on the specific needs of your organization.

To learn more about receiving customized services and programs for your district / organization, please email


Your donation to the Black Teacher Project will provide grants to Black classroom teachers, support our programs, and strengthen how we measure impact. We greatly appreciate your support and encourage recurring donations for our sustainability.