Every child deserves a Black teacher




Every child deserves a Black teacher.


The Black Teacher Project’s mission is to sustain, recruit, and develop Black teachers. Our vision is that all children have access to a well-prepared, well-supported Black teaching force that reflects the diversity and excellence of Black people in the United States.


The first step to having more Black teachers is not recruitment but retention of existing teachers, while developing school sites that are welcoming and sustainable for Black teachers. BTP programs provide Black teachers with community, sustainability practices, support in navigating systems (and sometimes hostile environments), and training in culturally relevant pedagogy.

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The latest research and resources for Black teachers.


We aim to raise the number of Black teachers in the classroom to mirror the proportion of Black people in the general population in cities where we work.

“I feel supported and whole. I have a sense of community that will make it easier for me to thrive as a teacher next school year.”
— Elena Njemanze, BTP Member & Fellow

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BTP is a program of the National Equity Project. Registered 501(c)(3) | EIN: 94-3222960

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